Peptide map on Kinetex 2.6 µm EVO C18 (Phosphorylase B)

Application Detail (App ID: 22987)

Part No:00F-4725-E0
Dimensions:150 x 4.6 mm ID
Elution Type:Gradient
Elution A:0.1% TFA/2% ACN in Water
Elution B:0.1% TFA/ ACN (10:90)
Gradient Profile:
Step No. Time (min) Pct A Pct B
1 0 98 2
2 68 30 70

Flow Rate:1.5 mL/min
Col. Temp: 60 °C
Detection: UV-Vis Abs.-Variable Wave.(UV) @ 214 nm (22°C)
Note:Forced degradation protocol:
Reconstitute 1 mg of cefaclor neat standard with 1.0 mL of 1 M HCl. Heat the solution at 60 ºC for 6 hours then neutralize with 1.0 mL of 1 M NaOH. Refrigerate until ready to inject.

Analyte Details

Analyte Detail not available

Peptide map (phosphorylase b)