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│Mil·tn │\ˈmil-tən\

  • A scientist's given name: a family name taken from a place meaning "chromatography superiority"
  • Known for their chromatography super skills, often envied by their peers
  • Unbridled and unabashed passion for chromatography, without fear of others judgement

Using Milton in a Sentence

  • Everyone has an inner Milton.
  • Milton will be coming to your mailbox soon.

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A True Milton Always Finds Their Peak.

Milton's Life in Pictures

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    My First Separation

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    Exploration into Backpressure

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    My First Love
    (Milton Plus Mass Spec)

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    Getting into Peak Shape

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    Award for Best Separation... Of Pins

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    See You Soon.

    Looking Forward to Hanging with You.
    Check your mailbox!

Some Facts About Milton

Milton has had more than one finger saved by GC Liners »

Last month Milton adopted Presston »

Milton is a huge fan of the rock band the Particles »

Most people dream of going away, Milton dreams of β-Gone »

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