Posters and Presentations

MSACL 2017

  • A Selective Method for Quantitation of Underivatized Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) in Plasma
  • A Rapid and Robust Sample Preparation Method for Quantitation of Nicotine from Oral Fluid

Pittcon 2017

SCIEX Berliner Seminar 2017


AOCS 2017

GTFCh 2017

LAPRW 2017

ASMS 2017

2016 Events

TIDES 2016

NACRW 2016

  • Optimized GC Column Selectivity for Characterization of Complex Fatty Acids in Food
  • QuEChERS Extraction of Cannabinoids from Brownies and Analysis by GC/MS
  • Are Pet Foods Safe? Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Melamine from Pet Food and Analysis by GC/MS
  • SOFT 2016