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  • Luna Omega C18 UHPLC Columns

    Add some separation muscle to your UHPLC separations. Luna Omega C18 columns are designed to offer staggering efficiencies and performance for UHPLC separations. With the mechanical strength and inert foundation of the Luna Omega silica based 1.6µm particle you can expect better peak shape and extreme ruggedness for all your separations.

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    Spotlight:Steriod Mix (App ID 23486)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Estriol
    2. Prednisolone
    3. Hydrocortisone
    4. Cortisone
    1. Cortisone Acetate
    2. 21-Hydroxycortisone
    3. 17-Hydroxycortisone
    4. Deoxycorticosterone

  • Strata-X Microelution 96-Well Plates

    Improve the sensitivity of your samples with Strata-X Microelution 96-well plates. These plates allow you to effectively process small or limited volume samples without the need to dry down, saving analysis time and increasing the productivity for your sample preparations.

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    Spotlight:Amphetamines from Urine (App ID 22986)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Amphetamine
    2. Methamphetamine
    3. MDA
    1. MDMA
    2. MDEA

  • β-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal Products

    Easily cleanup hydrolyzed urine in under a minute with β-Gone β-Glucuronidase removal tubes and 96-well plates. In a single step, you can increase the sensitivity of your analysis by >3x as compared to dilute-and-shoot AND increase LC column lifetime and reduce mass spec maintenance.

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    Spotlight:THC-COOH comparison using Beta-Gone(App ID 23627)

    Featured Analytes

    1. THC-COOH

  • Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS

    Get higher responses and superior peak shapes for active compounds with the exceptionally inert Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS GC columns. Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS is designed to provide better performance over your current 5% phenyl-arylene column without changing your GC method.

    Learn More About Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS »

    Spotlight:Melamine from Dog Food (App ID 23244)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Cyanuric acid
    2. Ammelide
    3. Ammeline
    1. Melamine
    2. Benzoguanamine

  • Kinetex EVO C18

    Kinetex EVO C18 uses a patented organo-silica grafting process which results in a reversed phase core-shell particle that is pH 1-12 stable and delivers improved peak shape for bases.

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    Spotlight:Vitamin E and A (App ID 23286)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Vitamin A (all-trans-retinol)
    2. Vitamin E (gamma-tocopherol)
    3. Vitamin E (a-tocopherol)

  • Kinetex F5

    Highly reproducible core-shell pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase that offers a unique combination of polar, hydrophobic, aromatic and shape selectivity.

    Learn More About Kinetex F5 »

    Spotlight:Organic Acids (App ID 23367)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Tartaric acid
    2. Shikimic acid
    3. Malic acid
    4. Lactic acid
    1. Acetic acid
    2. Citric acid
    3. Succinic acid

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    Find answers to popular method development, troubleshooting, and application questions on our FAQ portal. Easily search by industry, technique, or by keyword.

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    View the latest guides, technical notes, brochures and supporting documents for HPLC, GC, sample preparation, and accessories in our chromatography document library.

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