TSKgel HPLC Columns

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Separate, isolate, and purify biomolecules with TSKgel Reversed Phase, Size Exclusion (SEC), Normal Phase, Ion-Exchange, Hydrophobic Interaction (HIC), Affinity, and Hydrophilic Interaction (HILIC) columns.  TSKgel columns are based on spherical silica or polymer based resins and are available in a wide range of column sizes.


Distributed by Phenomenex in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.

Super SW3000

Super SW3000 Phase Information

With a smaller particle size of 4 µm, TSKgel SuperSW3000 provides higher efficiencies than the 5 µm TSKgel G3000SWXL column.  The 250 Å pore size results in a fractionation range up to 500,000 Da for globular proteins while the narrow 4.6 mm inner column diameter reduces buffer consumption for sample-limited applications.  Ideal for the separation of globular proteins between 10,000 and 500,000 Da.

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