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Purification and Analysis of Synthetic Oligonucleotides

The Clarity BioSolutions LC portfolio includes novel RP-LC and IEX-LC columns for purifying and characterizing synthetic DNA / RNA used in biological research, therapeutic development, and biochemical manufacturing.


• Clarity Oligo-SAX: High Capacity Ion-Exchange Analysis and Characterization


• Clarity Oligo-XT: High Efficiency LC/MS Analysis Scaling Directly to LC Purification


Clarity Oligo-MS™: LC/MS analysis


Clarity Oligo-RP™: RP-LC purification and analysis


Clarity Oligo-WAX™: IEX-LC purification



Particle Sizes (µm)1.7, 2.6
Pore Size (Å)100
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Oligo-MS Phase Information

Clarity Oligo-MS, C18 columns have been engineered for the MS characterization of synthetic DNA and RNA samples.  This media is based on core-shell technology which generates extremely high efficiencies due to the innovative particle design.  This increase in efficiency improves the resolution between critical oligo sequences, gives higher sensitivity for easier MS quantitation, and allows for a decrease in column length for higher throughput.

  • Core-shell particle technology provides improved speed, resolution, and sensitivity
  • 2.6 µm particles deliver increased efficiency at reduced backpressures
  • Easily transfer quantitative LC/MS methods to any system with 2.6 µm particles
  • 1.7 µm particles boost performance of existing sub-2 µm methods
PhaseParticle Sizes (µm)Pore Size (Å)Recommended Use
Oligo-MS1.7, 2.6100Rapid LC/MS analysis and QC of synthetic oligonucleotide research reagents and therapeutics
Oligo-RP3, 5, 10110Purification of synthetic oligonucleotide mixtures
Oligo-WAX10400Preparative purification of synthetic oligonucleotide mixtures
Oligo-XT1.7, 2.6, 5100
Phase: Particle Size: Pore Size: Length: Internal Diameter:

Part Number:00D-4479-E0

Description:Clarity® 2.6 µm Oligo-MS 100A, LC Column 100 x 4.6 mm, Ea

Required Holder:

Stationary Phase:C18

Solid Support:Core-shell Silica


Separation Mode:Reversed Phase

Recommended Use:Rapid LC/MS analysis and QC of synthetic oligonucleotide research reagents and therapeutics

USP Designation:L1

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