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Purification and Analysis of Synthetic Oligonucleotides

The Clarity BioSolutions LC portfolio includes novel RP-LC and IEX-LC columns for purifying and characterizing synthetic DNA / RNA used in biological research, therapeutic development, and biochemical manufacturing.


• Clarity Oligo-XT: High Efficiency LC/MS Analysis Scaling Directly to LC Purification


Clarity Oligo-MS™: LC/MS analysis


Clarity Oligo-RP™: RP-LC purification and analysis


Clarity Oligo-WAX™: IEX-LC purification



Particle Sizes (µm)10
Pore Size (Å)400
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Oligo-WAX Phase Information

Clarity Oligo-WAX LC columns were designed with the synthetic DNA/RNA preparative chromatographer in mind.  Oligo-WAX is an advantageous combination of purity, capacity, mechanical strength, cost, and efficiency.

  • Excellent efficiency column results in >90% purities due to good fractionation of closely eluting compounds
  • High loading capacity due to very high density ligand
  • Increase productivity by running at higher flow rates and pressures
  • Columns amenable to HPLC and FPLC systems
PhaseParticle Sizes (µm)Pore Size (Å)Recommended Use
Oligo-MS1.7, 2.6100Rapid LC/MS analysis and QC of synthetic oligonucleotide research reagents and therapeutics
Oligo-RP3, 5, 10110Purification of synthetic oligonucleotide mixtures
Oligo-WAX10400Preparative purification of synthetic oligonucleotide mixtures
Oligo-XT1.7, 2.6, 5100
Phase: Particle Size: Pore Size: Length: Internal Diameter:

Part Number:04G-4451

Description:Clarity® 10 µm Oligo-WAX, Bulk Packing, 100 g, Ea

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Format:Unknown / Un-classified

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