Zorbax Columns

Zorbax HPLC Information

HPLC columns manufactured by Agilent Technologies

  • Zorbax C18: Hydrophobic selectivity for non-polar compounds
  • Zorbax C8: Intermediate hydrophobic selectvity for polar and non-polar compounds
  • Zorbax NH2: Reversed phase, normal phase and weak anion exchange selectivity
Zorbax Column Recommended Alternative
Zorbax C18 Kinetex C18, Luna C18
Zorbax C8 Kinetex C8, Luna C8
Zorbax NH2 Luna NH2

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NH2 Phase Information

Traditional amino phase

Phase: Particle Size: Pore Size: Length: Internal Diameter:

Part Number:880952-708

Description:Zorbax® 5 µm NH2 70 Å, LC Column 250 x 4.6 mm, Ea

Required Holder:

Stationary Phase:Amino

Solid Support:Fully Porous Silica


Separation Mode:Normal Phase

Recommended Use:Small molecule

USP Designation:N/A

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