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Strata® SPE products are manufactured by Phenomenex to bring you optimum quality, reproducibility and performance.  Strata sorbent chemistries include a complete range of high performance silica and polymer-based non-polar, polar and ionic phases that offer a wide range of diversity in addition to custom phases for specialized analysis.


  • Clean extracts
  • Higher recovery
  • Better reproducibility


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NH2 Phase Detail

Sorbent TypeSilica-based
Surface Area (sq. m/g)500
Carbon Load (%)5.0
Target AnalytesAcidic compounds (i.e.) strong acids
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NH2 Phase Information

This amino phase offers strong polar selectivity and hydrogen bonding under normal phase conditions or can be used as a weak anion-exchange sorbent.

PhaseSorbent TypeSurface Area (sq. m/g)Carbon Load (%)Target Analytes
ABW, Cation-Anion Mixed Mode Silica-based5007.0Extraction or fractionation of complex mixtures
Alumina-N Alumina-based150N/APolar compounds from food and environmental samples
C18-E Silica-based50018.0Hydrophobic (i.e.) those that contain carbon chains
C18-T Silica-based30015.0Large molecules
C18-U Silica-based50017.0Hydrophobics that exhibit slight polar attributes
C8 Silica-based50010.5Extremely hydrophobic compounds
C8 Silica-based50010.5Extremely hydrophobic compounds
CN Silica-based50010.0Polar compounds such as those that contain hydroxyl groups
Eco-Screen Silica-basedproprietaryN/AHydrocarbons from environmental samples
EPH Silica-basedproprietary0.0Fractionating aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
FL-PR Florisil Florisil~Silica-based300Extraction of polar and halogenated compounds
Melamine Silica-basedproprietaryproprietaryMelamine and cyanuric acid
NH2 Silica-based5005.0Acidic compounds (i.e.) strong acids
PAH Silica-basedproprietaryproprietaryPolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Phenyl Silica-based500Hydrophobic and aromatics
SAX Silica-based5006.5Weakly acidic compounds
Screen-A Silica-based500proprietaryAcidic drugs from biological matrices
Screen-C Silica-based500proprietaryBasic drugs from biological matrices
Screen-C GF Silica-based500proprietaryBasic drugs viscous biological samples matrices
SCX Silica-based5009.0Weakly basic compounds
SDB-L DVB (Styrene divinylbenzene)500N/AHydrophobic and aromatics
SI-1 Silica Silica-based5500.0Polar analytes such as those that contain amino groups
SI-2 Silica
WCX Silica-based5008.0Basic compounds, particularly strong bases
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Part Number:8B-S009-JCH

Description:Strata® NH2 (55 µm, 70 Å), 1 g / 6 mL, Tubes , 30/Pk

Sorbent Type:Silica-based



Target Analytes:Acidic compounds (i.e.) strong acids

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