Extends UHPLC and Sub-2µm Columns Lifetimes.

SecurityGuard ULTRA HPLC Information


Protect Your Column Investment

  • Extends UHPLC, core-shell, and sub-2 μm column lifetime
  • Fits virtually all manufacturers’ columns 2.1 to 4.6 mm ID
  • Pressure rated to 20,000 psi (1,378 bar)
  • Simple to use

With SecurityGuard ULTRA, contaminants and micro particulates are trapped in the guard cartridge, instead of your expensive column. The extremely low dead volume (<0.3 µL) of this unique guard design minimizes sample peak dispersion to maintain column performance without altering your chromatography results.

SecurityGuard ULTRA Installation and Cartridge Replacement Videos


C18 Phase Information

Protects all core-shell and/or <3µm particle C18 columns (<20,000 psi / 1,378 bar).

Phase: Length: Internal Diameter:

Part Number:AJ0-8947

Description:SecurityGuard™ ULTRA cartridges for C18-Peptide UHPLC, sub-2µm and core-shell columns with 3.0mm internal diameters (ID)

Required Holder: AJ0-9000

Stationary Phase:

Solid Support:

Format:Guard Cartridge (e.g. PHE SecurityGuard )

Separation Mode:Reversed Phase

Recommended Use:Column protection for UHPLC columns

USP Designation:

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