• Extends HPLC Column Lifetime
  • Virtually No Change in Chromatography
  • Universal Column Compatibility
  • Simple to Use
  • SecurityGuard is a universal HPLC guard cartridge system designed to effectively (and inexpensively), protect all your valuable analytical and prep HPLC columns from the damaging effects of chemical contaminants, without altering your chromatographic results.

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    NOT Your HPLC Column

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    SecurityGuard is patented by Phenomenex. U.S. Patent No. 6,162,632

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Brochures Custom Method Development and Optimization Services for Clinical Research


Meet PhenoLogix, our full-service analytical support lab that is ready to help with method development and optimization for the most challenging clinical research applications.

Brochures Extend your Analytical and Preparative HPLC/ SFC Column Lifetimes


See how easy it is to extend your analytical and preparative HPLC/ SFC column lifetimes

Other HPLC/UHPLC Column Phase Selection Chart


Specifically designed for successful and reproducible method development and transfer. Comparison of achiral stationary phases based on material characteristics and the hydrophobic subtraction model.

Brochures Kinetex and Luna Omega : Combined Performance and Selectivity Gains for HPLC/UHPLC


Kinetex Core-Shell Technology and Luna Omega Thermally Modified Particle Technology are the perfect combination to upgrade and boost performance for UHPLC, HPLC, and Preparative HPLC methods.

Brochures Kinetex Product Guide - Rock Your LC Laboratory


Kinetex Core-Shell Technology: • Obtain higher throughput without sacrificing resolution • Easy method transfer across LC system platforms • Reduce solvent consumption with faster analysis • Reach lower levels of detection and quantitation

Brochures Lux AMP Product Guide


Rapid and accurate chiral separation of amphetamine and substituted amphetamine enantiomers

Other Pharmaceutical Analysis Guide- Formulations


Improve your formulations assays today by achieving resolution, ruggedness, and reproducibility.

Technical Notes Screening Approach for the Separation of Pharmaceutical Compounds using Lux Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases in SFC Mode (TN-9004)


In this technical note, we present various SFC screening approaches for the chiral separation of a 56-pharmaceutical compound test set using Lux polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases. The new Lux Amylose-1 provides the largest number of baseline separations. Additional generic chiral separation strategies for SFC are highlighted for increasing success rates.

Brochures SecurityGuard Column Protection Family Brochure (UHPLC, HPLC, PREP, SFC)


Get complete protection for your UHPLC, HPLC, SFC and Preparative columns with Securityguard universal guard cartridge system

Brochures Extend the Life of Your Valuable GPC Columns


Simple-to-use SecurityGuard GPC protects ANY non-aqueous GPC column. Extremely economical alternative to the typical GPC guard columns.

Brochures HPLC Column and System Protection Essentials/ Accessories


HPLC Column and System Protection Essentials/ Accessories

Other Safety Data Sheet for Silica-Based HPLC Columns


Safety Data Sheet for Silica-Based HPLC Columns

Supporting Docs Allowable Adjustments to Pharmacopoeia Methods


Allowable adjustments to pharmacopoeia (USP and Ph. Eur.) isocratic and gradient methods

Supporting Docs SecurityGuard and SecurityGuard PREP Installation Instructions


Instructions on how to properly install the SecurityGuard and SecurityGuard PREP column protection systems.

Supporting Docs SecurityGuard GPC Column Installation Instructions


SecurityGuard GPC Column Installation Instructions

Part Number:KJ0-4282

Description:SecurityGuard Guard Cartridge Kit, Ea

Technique:High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

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