A Superior Sample Preparation of Comprehensive Drug Panel Analytes from Oral Fluid Collection Devices (TN-0100)

Drug testing in oral fluid has steadily gained popularity over other sample types such as urine and whole blood. One reason for this popularity is the easy non-intrusive sample collection procedure. Collection of oral fluid is especially suited for the road-side or work place drug screening where access to a proper medical facility or personnel may be limited. To address this increasing need, many companies are manufacturing oral fluid collection devices with a collection applicator and a preservative (or extraction) solution. The device buffer solution contains a number of excipients such as antibacterial agents and surfactants to prevent bacterial growth and increase the analytes stability during the sample transit to testing laboratories. The buffer solution poses challenges, such as ion suppression for LC/MS analysis. Here, we present a sample preparation procedure to significantly reduce the effects of the device buffer solution while maintaining a reproducible and consistent recovery of analytes.
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