Determination of Sterols in Olive Oil (TN-0114)

Due to frequent olive oil adulteration, a reliable and efficient method was developed to determine the concentration sterols in olive oil, which can confirm the classification of oil. Presented is a modified International Olive Oil Council (IOC) method for sterol determination improved upon by replacing LLE with a SLE using diatomaceous earth, Strata DE, for a quick and accurate extraction and further clean up of the sample by Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) to remove hydrocarbons as well as more polar interferences from the solution. The isolated sterols and triterpene alcohols are then derivatized as the trimethylsilyl ethers prior to GC-FID analysis. The result is an improved method for determining sterols, erythrodiol and uvaol in olive oil.
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Technical Notes
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Strata Zebron
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