Guard HPLC Columns



Universal Guard Cartridge System

Extend UHPLC Column Lifetime

Pressure rated to 20,000 psi

Extend UHPLC Lifetime with SecurityGuard ULTRA

  • Cartridge

    The SecurityGuard ULTRA cartridge provides maximum protection by trapping contaminants and particulates. SecurityGuard ULTRA cartridge is disposable and allows for quick and easy replacement.

  • Holder

    The SecurityGuard ULTRA reuseable holder has an auto adjusting tip that provides a leak-free connection to virtually any UHPLC column.

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SecurityGuard: Universal Protection for HPLC Columns

HPLC Guard Column

SecurityGuard Guard Cartridge System is designed to fit any manufacturers’ standard HPLC column, making it the ultimate HPLC Guard Column. SecurityGuard Guard Cartridge System is guaranteed to extend the life time of your 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.6 mm, and 7.8mm ID column by capturing sample contaminants that can cause an increase in backpressure and effect baseline noise

SecurityGuard PREP: Universal Protection for Preparative HPLC Columns

Preparative HPLC Guard Column

SecurityGuard Semi-Prep and Preparative is designed to protect any Semi-preparative HPLC column (9 to 16 mm IDs) and preparative HPLC columns (18 to 49 mm IDs). The SecurityGuard semi-prep and preparative cartridge systems are easy to use and compatible with a wide range of semi-preparative and preparative columns (standard preparative columns and axial compression). The versatility of the SecurtiyGuard Semi-preparative and Preparative guard system make this the desired choice over standard HPLC guard columns.