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Robust Biologics Analysis

Biozen LC Columnschevron_right

Low Bleed GC Separations

Zebron GC Columnschevron_right

Reduce Sample Clean-up Time by 40%

Strata-X PRO SPE Productschevron_right

Ultra High Performance on ANY System

Kinetex Core-Shell LC Columnschevron_right

Popular Applications

Signature Peptides of Rituximab on a bioZen Peptide XB-C18 Column Using bioZen MagBeads
GC-MS Analysis of PAH, PCB and Terphenyl using a 30 meter Zebron ZB-PAH-EU GC column
GenX replacement PFOA compound by LC-MS/MS
USP Doxepin Assay - Standard Solution on Kinetex® 2.6 µm C8 75 x 4.6 mm
Multiclass Antibiotics Screening of Meat for Human Consumption by LC/MS/MS
Fat-Soluble Vitamins on Kinetex 2.6µm C18 100 x 4.6mm ID
Tricyclic Antidepressants Panel by LC-MS/MS with Kinetex 2.6 um PS C18
THC and Metabolites from Whole Blood on Strata-X-Drug B and Kinetex C18 by LC-MS-MS