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phenomenex milton #Miltonmoment phenomenex milton #Miltonmoment

Only Real MILTONS Allowed Beyond This Point


│Mil·tn │\ˈmil-tən\

  • A scientist's given name: a family name taken from a place meaning "chromatography superiority"
  • Known for their chromatography super skills, often envied by their peers
  • Unbridled and unabashed passion for chromatography, without fear of others' judgement

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  • Statements or thoughts that highlight love for all things chromatography
  • Cool laboratory apparel that shows that chromatography isn't a job—it's a way of life
  • In general any action that demonstrates your craziness for chromatography
High Pressure Separation? More like no pressure separations when I'm around.
My samples clean up after themselves.
My analytes always keep their resolution.
No matter how high the temperature, I always keep my cool.
Peaks stand to attention when I walk into a room.


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