GOTCHA! Happy April Fool's Day!

Aside from a good laugh, we’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to various charities we link to our April Fool's jokes each year.

This year, we will be donating a portion of our April Fool's online sales to the Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN), a wonderful organization of therapists, parents, and volunteers that provide the community with high quality therapy, research, and education as it relates to fostering the best possible outcomes for children with special needs. A cause very near and dear to our hearts.

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Born to Fly and Maybe... Land at a Lab Near You

Why ship it when you can have it flown to your lab in 30 minutes? With Phenomenex Drone Express™ you can have your lab supplies dropped off (emphasis on dropped) within a 60 mile radius of your lab's front door.

Guaranteed Delivery in 30 minutes or Less

Please select an item for delivery

  • Lab Yummies™
    Candy made from 100% recycled lab waste

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  • Chromaddcits Album

    ChromAddicts Album
    12-track album featuring Phenomenex's first music band

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  • Phenomenex Fragrances

    Phenomenex Fragrances
    Our signature series for scientists. Confusion, Isolation, Validation.

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  • Phenomenex Lab Dog

    Phenomenex Lab Mascot
    Sit, fetch and roll your separations over with the official Phenomenex Lab Mascot.

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  • Phenomenex Milton

    Personal Milton
    Let Milton help you whip your methods into shape.

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  • Phenomenex Milton

    Lab Wow
    It's not just a labwipe. It's a miracle worker.

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  • Verex Vials & Vial Kits
    for UHPLC/LC/GC/SFC and MS analysis

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  • Luna Omega LC Columns
    High performance UHPLC C18 phase

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  • Zebron ZB-5MS Plus

    Zebron ZB-5MS PLUS
    Highly intert GC column phase

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If the drone actually makes it to your lab, please do not ask us if you can keep it, even though they are really cool. These drones are exclusive property of Phenomenex and must be allowed to return to the Phenomenex campus to be fed and watered. Drones should not be held for ransom in exchange for nerdbirds, nerdsocks, mousepads, or additional Phenomenex swag. Phenomenex is not responsible for any damages sustained to your shipments or to the order recipients as a result of drone delivery. No drones, unicorns, Easter bunnies or scientists were harmed during the making of this April Fool's Joke. However, legal did roll their eyes at the marketing department when they read this disclaimer (typical). Happy April Fool's day from your friendly and wacky Phenomenex family!

Get a Bird's-eye View of Phenomenex Drone Delivery En Route

About Our Drones

Made of recycled HPLC and GC column hardware for a shiny and futuristic look. Also ensures that you will be able to tell the drone apart from a flock of seagulls or other flying creatures.
Patented "droning" hum lets you know when your delivery has arrived. If you hear something that sounds like a swarm of angry bees it’s either your delivery or a swarm of angry bees.
Specialized tracking lets us know where our drones have been and more importantly, where it is going. This ensures it gets back to Phenomenex and that it hasn't been dronenapped to deliver you and your labmates a pizza.

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