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A Little About Us

With over 200 combined years of LC/MS/MS experience and over 500 Clinical Research and Forensic Toxicology applications you can say we speak Clinical very fluently. With a technical support team that provides support globally and a wide breadth of products at our disposal to create customized solutions for your lab, we can help you meet any clinical challenge no matter how big or small. So take a moment and get to know us.

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PhenoLogix Analytical Support Lab Services

Let PhenoLogix provide you with customized methods to meet your individual needs.

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Optimization Support

Take advantage of our free, unlimited personalized method and optimization support.

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Product Demonstrations

Curious to see how core-shell technology can improve your methods? We’ll provide a free onsite demonstration

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Over 250 Sample Products To Choose From

SPE Tubes, Syringe Filters,Vials,and More

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