"Where my nerdbirds at?!"

~Seymour Peaks, Head Nerdbird


Thank you so much for adopting my feathery nerdbird friends and welcoming them into your lab family. I know they will watch over your lab with a lot of care... and maybe a little bit of mischief. ;)

We nerdbirds love staying in touch and seeing what each other are up to, so please share pictures of your nerdbird’s adventures!

Cheers and good luck,
Seymour Peaks, Head Nerdbird

Share your photos

  • I feel like I'm being watched...

  • I leave my desk for one minute...

  • Explorers of the unknown

  • The mission

  • Shelf shenanigans

  • Pork bun...before

  • Pork bun...after

  • Meet the family

  • Say"hello" to the crew

  • 1st annual Lupin Lab jousting tournament

  • After party!

  • Never gamble when it comes to chromatography products

  • Chillin

  • it's 5:00 somewhere!

  • Pool Time!

  • Afternoon tea

  • Time to test my racing skills

  • Hard at work

  • Safety first

  • Arrive at work in style

  • Oh NO! I can't get out!

  • Baker Ernesto changing columns in the oven

  • Quality Check

  • Jammin' to the tunes

  • Sir Duncan with Shield &Sword

  • April Showers in the lab

  • Nerbles at large

  • Manus Family- Ecodiverse!

  • Did the bird really lay an egg!

  • What came first, the turtle or the eggs?

  • This was apparently not the only Nerdbird in the building

  • Chillin' at the fountain!

  • Um, this is exactly what it looks like...

  • Safety first!

  • Vote for Earl!

  • Nestled between some old friends!

  • Hard at work shamelessly doing a plug for Phenomenex

  • I have such a bird brain

  • What a good role model!

  • Twins! A Girl & a Boy!

  • This isn't the Nerdbird you're looking for

  • Time to call Weight Watchers!

  • Was light on cash. Nerdbird had my back.

  • Taking care our pioupiou !!!

  • May the force be with you

  • Brrrrrr...

  • Pioupiou au four

  • Coloring and catching some rays

  • Patrons of the arts

  • Call me

  • Channeling Chopin

  • Does this autosampler make my bum look big?

  • We found it like this

  • Kumquats, anyone?

  • Olé!

  • Taking a breather

  • Teamwork is the dreamwork @BeagleBio

A Day in the Life of a Nerdbird