You Can't Isolate Laughter!

We know the world has changed this year. So, this April fools we have decided to change things up too. Instead of sharing one laugh, we decided to share many laughs. This way no matter where we are, we are all enjoying many laughs together.

We dedicate this to you because whether near or far, we are always stronger when we are laughing together.

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Laughs of April Fools' Past

Scroll down and enjoy

The Time We Tickled Your Taste Buds with Lab Yummies Recycled Lab Waste Candies

Methanol Yummies

"Simple Alcohol…. Complex Gummy Taste"

Acetonitrile Yummies

"Medium on Polarity but High on Flavor!"

CO2 Yummies

"For Supercritical Taste Buds"

Nylon Yummies

"Polymers Packing a Delicious Punch!"

Silica Yummies

"SiO2 Good!"

Bonus Yummies

"If it Goes Down the Sink, it Goes in Here!"

The Time We Used Chromatography to Bring Music To Your Ears

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PlaySong Title Artist Time
Smells like Acetonitrile The ChromAddicts 3:22
(I can't get No) Separation The ChromAddicts 2:52
Sweet Column O’ Mine The ChromAddicts featuring (Kinetex Jones) 4:10
Separated in the Lab Today The ChromAddicts 2:52

The Time We Introduced You to the Sweet Scent of Chromatography

The Time We WOWed You with Magical Solvent Wipes

The Time We Attempted Drone Delivery

Bird's-eye View of a Phenomenex Drone Delivery En Route

The Time We Started a Chromatography Jewelry Line

LC Column Earrings & GC Column Visor

Always Keep Smiling!

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