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Video: How to Install the Cool-Lock Nut

A Technical Tip by
Kristen Parnell, GC Brand Manager

The Cool-Lock Nut is designed to be a significant improvement over other commercial GC nuts in many ways. GC column installation is quick and easy, you can avoid burning your fingers because it cools with the oven, and it helps ensure more accurate, reproducible results for your analysis. The short video below will guide you through the quick installation steps.

Parts Needed for Installation

  • Cool-Lock Nut (included with your kit)
  • Locking ferrule (included with your kit; use AG0-4701 with
    0.10-0.35 mm ID columns, use AG0-4704 with 0.45-0.53 mm ID columns)
  • Upper ferrule (Not included – the Cool-Lock Nut is designed to use the ferrules you are currently using in your lab)
  • Optional: the Cool-Lock Nut Installation Gauge is optional but recommended to help improve installation depth accuracy

If you need replacement ferrules for either locking or upper ferrules, consult the handy selection charts below:

Replacement Ferrules for Agilent Systems

Long Style NutShort Style Nut
Column ID(mm) Ferrule ID(mm) Top Ferrule Bottom Ferrule Top Ferrule Bottom Ferrule
0.10-0.25 0.4 AG0-4698 AG0-4698 AG0-7513 AG0-4698
0.25-0.35 0.5 AG0-4701 AG0-4701 AG0-7513 AG0-4701
0.45-0.53 0.8 AG0-4704 AG0-4704 AG0-8676 AG0-4704

Replacement Ferrules for Shimadzu Systems

Shimadzu Style Nut
Column ID(mm) Ferrule ID(mm) Top Ferrule Bottom Ferrule
0.10-0.25 0.4 AG0-8881 AG0-4698
0.25-0.35 0.5 AG0-8881 AG0-4701
0.45-0.53 0.8 AG0-8882 AG0-4704

Want more information on the Cool-Lock Nut? Below are some additional resources and as always, feel free to contact your GC Specialist with questions

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