Column Care

Four Key Steps to Extending GC Column Lifetime
How Long Should A GC Column Be Conditioned?
How To: Install A Guard Colum
How To: Create A GC Performance Test Mix
Is Water Safe To Inject In Gas Chromatography?

Column & Accessory Selection

NEW! How Do I Choose the Right Inlet Liner?
Choosing Between Zebron ZB-WAX and ZB-WAXplus
Choosing the Right Accessories When Using High Temperature GC Columns

Method Development & Optimization

NEW! How Do I Analyze Thermally Labile Compounds by GC?
Optimizing System Parameters for Fast GC
Carrier Gas Optimization
Choosing an Internal Standard
How Does Fast GC Work?
How To: Improve Early Eluting Peak Shapes
How To: Improve Late Eluting Peak Shapes
Tips for Cool On-Column Injections
What Makes Fast GC Fast?
Shortening GC Run Times


Recognizing Septum Bleed
Troubleshooting Baseline Oscillations