Sample Preparation

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Polymeric SPE Sorbents

Unique polymeric selectivities that cover a diverse spectrum of analytes, simplifying the method development process for fast and efficient sample preparation.

Silica-based SPE Sorbents

With over 25 chemistries to choose from, Strata Silica SPE products provide a wide range of diversity for customized method development.

Vacuum Manifolds

12, 24 and 96-well

Maximize throughput with a 12-position or 24-positon vacuum manifold for SPE tubes or 94-well plate manifold.

Collection Plates

Collection Plates

Maximize sample delivery with inert polypropylene conical v- and round bottom collection plates.

Protein Precipitation

Protein Precipitation Plates

Quickly and easily remove proteins from plasma samples, without the method development.


Phenex™ Syringe Filters

Rapidly remove particulates from sample matrices

Phospholipid Removal

Introducing Phree™
Phospholipid Removal Plates

Remove phospholipds and proteins from plasma samples, without the method development.

Sealing Mats

Sealing Mats

Pierceable and pre-slit sealing mats which are compatible with square-well and round-well collection plates, protein precipitation plates, phospholipid removal plates and filtration plates.


New roQ QuEChERS Kits

A quick and easy cleanup solution for food matrices. Extract multi-residue target compounds while removing unwanted interferences in 2 easy steps.