vMethod 5052398: Application for Cannabis & Metabolites in Human Whole Blood Testing

  • Simplified LC-MS/MS method including sample preparation procedures, acquisition, and processing conditions
  • Quantitative analysis of THC and THC metabolites (hydroxyl-THC and carboxy-THC) in blood
Part No Description  
00B-4495-E0 Kinetex 2.6 µm Phenyl-Hexyl 100 50 x 4.6 mm  Add to cart
AF0-8497 KrudKatcher ULTRA HPLC In-Line Filter  Add to cart
8E-S123-AGB Strata-X-A 33 µm Polymeric Strong Anion SPE Plate 10 mg/ 2mL 2/pk  Add to cart
8B-S123-TAK Strata-X-A 33 µm Polymeric Strong Anion, 30 mg/ 1mL Tubes 100pk  Add to cart
AR0-4621-13 Verex Insert, 6mm Dia., 300µL, Clear 51, Conical Bottom,
w/ bottom spring, 1000/Pk
 Add to cart
AR0-9926-13 Verex Vial Kit, 9mm, 2mL Screw top, Amber 51 w/
Patch + preSlit PTFE/Silicone Cap, blue, 1000/Pkk
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