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Kinetex Core-Shell Columns

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Core-Shell Science

Using sol-gel processing techniques that incorporate nano-structuring technology, a durable, homogeneous porous shell is grown on a solid silica core to create a core-shell particle. This particle morphology results in less band broadening compared to fully porous particles and thus delivers extremely high efficiencies.

Core-shell Technology Results in Less Band Broadening

The Van Deemter equation describes the three sources of band broadening (A - Eddy diffusion, B - longitudinal diffusion, C - mass transfer).
In order to maximize efficiency, sources of band broadening need to be minimized. With core-shell particles, all three sources (A, B, & C) are reduced compared to fully porous particles as seen in the graphs below*. This reduction in band broadening results in chromatographic separations with better resolution, higher sensitivity, and improved peak capacities.
*Gritti and Guiochon, 2012. LC-GC 30(7) 586-595.

Meet Kinetex

Kinetex Core-shell Technology delivers dramatic improvements in efficiency over fully porous media which can be leveraged to increase resolution, improve productivity, reduce solvent consumption, and decrease costs. Whether you are running HPLC or UHPLC methods, the Kinetex Core-shell family can deliver shockingly improved performance over the current column you are using.
  • Kinetex 5 µm – Instantly Improve Fully Porous 5 µm & 3 µm Methods
  • Kinetex 2.6 µm – A Versatile Upgrade for HPLC & UHPLC
  • Kinetex 1.7 & 1.3 µm – Get the most Performance out of your UHPLC System
Kinetex Particle 1.3 µm 1.7 µm 2.6 µm 5 µm
Typical Efficiency (p/m) > 400,000 ~320,000 ~280,000 ~180,000
Typical Backpressure (bar) > 400 > 400 200-350 < 250 bar

Vs. Fully Porous Particles

The highly optimized process used to manufacture Kinetex core-shell particles combined with industry leading column packing technology produces highly reproducible columns that generate extremely high plate counts compared to fully porous particles. This ultra-high efficiency can be leveraged to achieve increased resolution, improved sensitivity, higher productivity, and significant cost savings on new and existing methods.

Kinetex Core-Shell

  • High particle density helps create optimal bed structure which reduces band broadening effects of Eddy Diffusion
  • Ultra-high performance on HPLC and UHPLC systems alike
  • Reduced diffusion path improves efficiency

Fully Porous

  • Less homogenuous bed structure leads to performance loss
  • Ultra-high performance limited to sub 2-µm particles on UHPLC systems
  • Diffusion path limits efficiencies

Extremely High Efficiencies with Core-shell Particle

Improved Results

Unleash the power of Kinetex core-shell technology to achieve results just not possible on conventional fully porous materials. No matter what type of system you have or type of analysis you are performing, there is a Kinetex solution for you.

Kinetex 5 µm - Immediately improve resolution, productivity, and sensitivity of 3 μm and 5 μm fully porous HPLC methods

Kinetex 2.6 µm - A flexible solution for increasing resolution, reducing analysis times, and decreasing solvent usage on both HPLC & UHPLC methods

Kinetex 1.3 µm & 1.7 µm - Highest efficiencies available on UHPLC systems for improved resolution of critical pairs and higher sensitivity

Save Money

Labs leveraging the ultra-high efficiency of Kinetex core-shell technology can significantly reduce their lab costs by greatly shortening analysis times resulting in reduced solvent usage, increased sample throughput, and improved instrument productivity.

Maximize Throughput

Ultra-high efficiency Kinetex core-shell technology allows run times to be dramatically reduced by manipulating flow rate and column lengths while maintaining excellent chromatographic performance.
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Easy Method Transfer

Easily transfer methods developed on Kinetex core-shell columns to ANY LC system, anywhere in the world. Because Kinetex 1.7 µm, 2.6 µm, & 5 µm particles are completely scalable, you can freely move between HPLC, UHPLC, and PREP LC systems. Now, you can develop a method on a standard HPLC system that can easily be transferred to a UHPLC system – and vice versa!

Analytical Scalability and Portability HPLC to UHPLC