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Pirkle-brush Concept Chiral HPLC Columns
Chirex® HPLC columns utilizes Pirkle-brush concept for direct and indirect resolution of enantiomeric amines, alcohols, carboxylic acids, hydroxy acids, amino acids, ketones, lactones, ethers, esters, and other biologically active compounds. Chirex HPLC columns are available in eleven different stationary phases and offer:

  • High enantioselectivity
  • Easy scale-up from analytical to preparative analysis
  • Long column lifetimes
  • Fast run times

3014 (S)-valine and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine

Particle Sizes (µm)5
Pore Size (Å)120
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3014 (S)-valine and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine Phase Information

(S)-valine and (R)-1-(α-naphthyl)ethylamine urea linkage, electron donor designed for the separation of:
• π-acceptor derivatives of amines, carboxylic acids
and amino acids
• the esters and amides of these acids
• underivatized alcohols

PhaseParticle Sizes (µm)Pore Size (Å)Recommended Use
3001 (R)-phenylglycine and 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid5120Enantiomers
3011 (S)-tert-leucine and 3,5-dinitroaniline5120Enantiomers
3014 (S)-valine and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine5120Enantiomers
3019 (S)-tert-leucine and (S)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine5120Enantiomers
3020 (S)-tert-leucine and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine5120Enantiomers
3126 (D)-penicillamine5110Enantiomers
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