Claricep Flash Columns

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Seamlessly Upgrade to CLARICEP Flash Columns

Claricep Flash columns offer improved performance and less undesirable silica surface activity than regular flash columns. With Claricep you can expect

  • Quality
  • Reproducibility
  • Stability
Traditional Flash Columns
  • High surface activity that causes instability of certain compounds
  • Unwanted tailing or overly long retention of basic compounds due to secondary ionic reactions or metal chelating effects
  • Poor reproducibility
  • Narrow range of selectivities
  • Pressure limited
Claricep Flash Columns
  • Deactivated Silica surface promotes compound stability
  • Excellent peak shape & performance for both acidic and basic compounds
  • High quality & reproducibility
  • Wide range of selectivities
  • High pressure tolerance


C8 Phase Information

CLARICEP™ Spherical C8 Columns

  • Octyl (end-capped) functionalized silica
  • Manufactured using trifunctional silane
  • C8 products has less retentive than C18 material, which accelerates the elution of more hydrophobic substance
  • Claricep C8 could be used for the extraction of compounds has strong retention on C18 or Peptide, Protein & natural extract purification
Average Particle Size: 40-60 µm
Average Pore Size: 100 Å
Carbon Loading: ≥ 10%
Surface Area: 320 m2/g
Average Particle Size: 20-35 µm
Average Pore Size: 100 Å
Carbon Loading: ≥ 10%
Surface Area: 320 m2/g
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