Economical GPC/SEC Columns
for Improved Polymer Analysis

Phenogel HPLC Information

Enhance Resolution for Polymer Analysis using Non-Aqueous GPC/SEC

Phenogel™ size exclusion columns for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) are composed of highly cross-linked polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PSDVB), and achieve high resolution and tight linear calibration curves. Available in 7 pore sizes from 50 Å to 10E6 Å and a linear mixed bed configuration.  USP L21 packings available. Phenogel columns are also available in 5 and 10 µm particle sizes and are temperature stable up to 140°C.

phenogel gel permeation columns (GPC)

*Recommended alternative to Waters® Styragel®, Agilent® PLgel, Shodex® GPC KF-800 series, PSS SDV®, and Tosoh Bioscience® TSKgel®H-type columns


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Use Phenogel GPC Columns for Separations of Low, Moderate, and High Molecular Weight:

  • Organic-soluble polymers
  • Plastics and plasticizers
  • Rubbers, resins, and elastomers
  • Pharmaceutical excipients
  • Food and cosmetic excipients
  • Textiles/dyes
  • Petroleum and fuels
  • Oils, lipids, and fatty acids
  • Sample cleanup by GPC

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Particle Sizes (µm)10, 5
Pore Size (Å)N/A
Exclusion Limit
Back Pressure (PSI) Max1500
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Guard Phase Information

Protect and extend column lifetime with a guard column.

Internal Diameter: Length:
PhaseParticle Sizes (µm)Pore Size (Å)Exclusion LimitBack Pressure
Recommended Use
Document Type:
Phase: Particle Size: Pore Size: Length: Internal Diameter:

Part Number:03B-2090-K0

Description:Phenogel™ 10 µm Guard, LC Guard Column 50 x 7.8 mm, Ea

Required Holder:

Stationary Phase:

Solid Support:Cross-linked Styrene Divinyl Benzene

Format:Guard Column ( conventional )

Separation Mode:

Recommended Use:

USP Designation:

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