Presston 100 Positive Pressure


The Newest Solution to Increased Productivity

Presston 100 is a positive pressure manifold designed to make sample preparation processing easy and consistent.  It applies pressure from above to push liquid through sample preparation sorbents to provide uniform flow rates when processing samples.

Utilizing a single manifold, 96-well plates, 1 mL, 3 mL, and 6 mL tubes can be used with a simple adaptor kit.

  • Safely Process Samples

    Protect operators from solvents

  • Determine Your Operating Pressure

    Easily read your operating pressure with the easy to view pressure gauge

  • Easily Load Samples

    Moveable locator plate makes sample loading and cleaning easy

  • Never Lose Pressure

    Always maintain a tight seal between the manifold and tubes/96-well plate

  • Sleek, Low Profile Design

    Width: 13", Depth: 13.25", Height: 17" (open), 13.5" (closed)

Presston 100 Positive Pressure manifold Sample prep

Presston 100 is available to use with the following sample preparation products:




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Phenomenex warrants the Presston 100 Positive Pressure Manifold against defects in materials and workmanship under normal installation, use and maintenance for a period of 12 months following delivery. In the event that the Presston 100 Positive Pressure Manifold does not meet this warranty, Phenomenex will repair or replace defective parts. Expendable items and physical damage caused by improper handling or damage caused by spillage or exposure to any corrosive environment are excluded from this warranty. The warranty will be voided in the event the equipment is altered or modified other than by, or at the direction of, personnel of Phenomenex.

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Part Number:AH0-9334

Description:Presston 100 Positive Pressure Manifold, 96-Well Plate, Ea

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