New Polymeric Sorbent with Matrix Removal Technology

Reduce Protocol Time by at Least 40% with 3-Step and 2-Step SPE

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Strata-X-PRO is a new innovative solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbent that offers a faster, cleaner way to extract your samples, completely revolutionizing traditional SPE methods. Strata-X PRO offers improved and rugged polymeric sorbent performance combined with matrix removal technology for a revolutionary solution. With a faster SPE method, it results in at least 40% reduction in time on your SPE protocol. Less steps with no conditioning or equilibration creates a fast SPE method without losing out on the importance of SPE: cleaning up your samples

Redefine Your Solid Phase Extraction with Strata-X PRO!

  • Results You Can Trust
    New Polymeric Sorbent with Matrix Removal Technology Provides Unparalleled Reproducibility
  • Easily Process More Samples in Half the Time
    Reduce Protocol Time by at Least 40% with 3-Step and 2-Step SPE
  • Experience Cutting Edge Performance First-Hand
    High Recoveries without Conditioning or Equilibration

Optimize Your Methods with Strata-X PRO!

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Microelution Plates

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96- Well Plates

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X, Polymeric Reversed Phase Phase Detail

X, Polymeric Reversed Phase Phase Information

Strata-X PRO is a new reversed phase SPE sorbent fused with matrix removal technology to eliminate conditioning and equilibration steps, while still yielding high recoveries and cleaner injections, all with less method development that traditional methods. Due to matrix removal technology, Strata-X PRO excels with providing an enhanced SPE solution and an increased sensitivity by reducing ion suppression through eliminating phospholipids.

Choose Your Starting Method

Strata®-X PRO also improves on traditional SPE by implementing straightforward recommended methods that will work with most extractions, and optimization is only optional.

High Recoveries of Acids, Neutral and Bases (Even the most Polar analytes)

Strata-X PRO works to eliminate phospholipids and harmful particulates in the sample while targeting analytes. For a panel of acids, neutrals and bases from plasma, Strata-X PRO provides high recoveries, especially for the polar analytes, and less matrix effects that could result in ion suppression or enhancement when compared to traditional polymeric SPE.


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