Automated Method Development of Oligonucleotide in Tissues Using Clarity OTX 96-Well Plate and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (TN-0097)

As synthetic oligonucleotide (oligo) therapeutics move through the drug-development path, there has been an increasing need for TK and PK/PD studies in drug discovery and development. Because of the specificity, sensitivity, and shorter method development time which they afford, LC/MS/MS methods are preferred over ligand binding assays or ELISA. However, isolation of the oligonucleotide is required prior to analysis via LC/MS/MS; the clean and efficient extraction of synthetic oligonucleotides often proves challenging during method development (MD) due to low sample concentration, analyte recovery, and the possible co-extraction of matrix interferences.
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Technical Notes
Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Life Science
HPLC / UHPLC Oligonucleotides Sample Prep
Clarity Clarity (SPE)
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