Fipronil, Amitraz and Metabolites from Egg Albumin using QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS

Fipronil - although effective as an ingredient to control pests such as fleas and as a field pest control for corn - is prohibited for use on food source animals, including chickens and livestock. However, it is still widely used and is commonly included in typical multi-residue analyses; and the recent contamination in chicken eggs in Europe and South Korea has raised immediate attention. Described is a rapid, robust and sensitive method, utilizing a powerful SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ with IonDrive Pos/Neg switching, an ultra high performing Kinetex® core-shell particle morphology with a selective Polar C18 column chemistry, and a modified QuEChERS clean-up to reach below the 5 μg/kg MRL level.
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Technical Notes
Environmental Food & Beverage
HPLC / UHPLC Sample Prep
Kinetex roQ QuEChERS
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