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HPLC Vendor Seminar
Location:Tuesday, 6/20, 12:45 PM, R Club B

  1. Chromatographic Behavior of Biomolecules when using Controlled Surface Charge (U)HPLC Sorbents
    Presenter: A. Carl Sanchez
    Abstract: Recent developments in (U)HPLC sorbents include materials where the surface charge has been intentionally modified and controlled. The utility of sorbents with a controlled, slightly positive surface charge has been shown to improve the chromatographic performance of basic, small molecules when using common, low ionic strength mobile phases [1,2]. However, the use of these new, controlled surface charge sorbents for the analysis of intact biomolecules has not been significantly explored. In this contribution, the effect of sorbent surface charge on the chromatographic behavior of a variety of biomolecules will be explored. Biomolecule pI and amino acid composition will be carefully chosen to span ranges of practical interest. The interplay between biomolecule properties and sorbent surface charge will be explored.
  2. Combining the Powerful Particles with Powerful Selectivities
    Presenter: Jason A. Anspach
    Abstract: The modern age of chromatography has seen inventions such as Sub 2 µm materials and Core-Shell particles that provide the scientist with higher resolving power through higher efficiencies. If one, however, looks at the resolution equation, resolution is significantly more dependent on selectivity than on theoretical plates. Therefore, in order to take full advantage of the extra efficiency that the newer generation particles provide, we need modern, improved stationary phase selectivities to work with the high efficiency platforms. In this talk we will show how modern surface chemistry technologies in conjunction with modern UHPLC particle technologies provide significant separation advantages in difficult applications.

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