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Lounge Apparel

After a full day of concentrating samples and analyzing compounds you deserve a little rest and relaxation. Here is a look that will bring out the chromatography zen master in you.


Save Big

Savings never go out of style! Dress up your methods with LC, GC, Sample Preparation products, and accessories.

  • Kinetex Core-Shell LC Columns
  • Luna Omega UHPLC Columns
  • Yarra SEC/GFC Columns
  • Lux Chiral Columns
  • Zebron GC Columns
  • Zebron GC Inlet Liners
  • β-Gone Tubes and Well Plates
  • Strata-X SPE Tubes and Well Plates
  • Novum SLE Tubes and Well Plates
  • Phree Tubes and Well Plates
  • Verex Vial Products and Kits
  • Phenex Syringe Filters

Milton Essentials

Tools to make sure your LC, GC, and Sample Preparation methods are always in style.

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