Introducing ZB-5MS PLUS
The Next Generation of Inertness


  • Improved Responses
  • Better Peak Shapes
  • Same 5ms Selectivity
Low bleed 5% phenyl-arylene phase maintains the same selectivity you're used to.
Ultra inert deactivation dramatically reduces analyte adsorption,maximizing your detection power.

Change Your Column

Not Your Method

Drop a ZB-5MSPLUS into Your Current GC Method with Ease

Achieve better performance over your current 5% phenyl-arylene column without changing your method. Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS GC columns provide tremendous inertness while achieving higher responses and superior peak shapes for active compounds. Whether you’re analyzing drugs of abuse, melamine in food, or specialty chemicals expect better peak shapes with no shifts in retention times when you drop in a Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS into your current method.
Guaranteed Alternative to
  • Agilent® DB®-5ms Ultra Inert
  • Agilent® HP®-5ms Ultra Inert
  • Restek® Rxi®-5Sil MS
  • Supelco® SLB®-5ms
If Zebron columns do not provide you with equivalent or better separations as compared to any other GC column of the same phase and comparable dimensions, return the column with comparative data within 45 days for a FULL REFUND.

Expand Your 5 Phase Work!

Phenomenex carries a complete line of 5 phase GC columns and accessories for a versatile set of options tailored to your work. Explore the full selection of Zebron columns- from high temperature to fit-for-purpose 5% phenyl type phases.

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Comparative separations may not be representative of all applications.