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The World’s First Non-metal 5% Phenyl Phase GC column rated to 430°C

Phenomenex’s Zebron™ ZB-5HT Inferno™ is the world’s first non-metal 5%-phenyl-dimethylpolysiloxane phase stable to 430°C. The column stability is due to two advances in column technology: 1) a new high temperature polyimide coating that stabilizes the internal glass capillary tubing at elevated temperatures and 2) an aggressive bonding process known as Engineered Self Crosslinking™ (ESC) that improves crosslinking efficiency creating an extremely stable polymer coating. Unlike metal columns, which require special tubing cutters and which often develop leaks after repeated oven cycles, the NEW Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno columns remain flexible and easy to work with even after prolonged use above 400°C.

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