Attending Pittcon 2019? Visit booth #3919 to learn about new options for rapid and efficient separations, with expanded services, selectivities, and products optimized for demanding HPLC/UHPLC, GC and sample preparation applications. Highlights include:

  • NEW LC Capillary Columns
    Phenomenex has extended its large range of high quality reversed phase selectivities to capillary and trap formats. These materials will provide you with greater separation power for all your applications. Explore our comprehensive portfolio of microflow columns.
  • Strata® DE
    Packed with Diatomaceous Earth, Strata DE is a cost-effective alternative to traditional SLE products such as Biotage ISOLUTE® SLE+, Thermo Hypersep™ SLE, and Agilent Chem Elut™ SLE that won’t require you to sacrifice your results.
  • And many other featured analytical solutions.

Attend our organized workshop surveying the state of the art in (U)HPLC, including talks on particle morphologies and hardware innovations. Other can’t-miss presentations include sample preparation for glycans and residual solvents analysis, as well as posters addressing common separation challenges in Petroleum, Cannabis, and Food analysis.

Don’t miss our organized workshops surveying the state of the art in in fully porous and core-shell HPLC columns. Our scientists will present talks and posters on advances in chromatography theory and technology, and on addressing separation challenges for range of industry-specific topics.

Presentation Schedule

Organized Workshops

Title Date Time Session Location
The Latest Developments in (U)HPLC Column Technology Thu, Mar 21 01:30 PM 1970 120B


Title Date Time No. Location
Sample Preparation of Glycans for Analysis: An Evaluation of Technique and Format for Optimal Recovery Tue, Mar 19 10:25 AM 860-2 121C
Investigating Different Column Hardware Materials for Bio-Inert Flow Paths in (U)HPLC Thu, Mar 21 02:50 PM 1970-6 120B


Title Date Time No. Location
11 Min of Fame, Fast FAMEs Analysis Using Unique GC Column Selectivity Tue, Mar 19 AM 930-7 Expo Floor
Overcoming Challenges of Residual Solvent Analysis in Pharmaceutical and Cannabis Using Highly Deactivated Phase Cyan Wed, Mar 20 AM 1560-2 Expo Floor
Single Column Solution for Determination of Residual Solvents and Terpenes in Cannabis Wed, Mar 20 PM 1570-5 Expo Floor
Orthogonal Selectivity for Separation of Light and Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons by GCxGC Thu, Mar 21 AM 1850-6 Expo Floor

Featured Products

bioZen™ LC Columns for Biologics Analysis

With a new titanium BioTi™ biocompatible hardware to minimize priming, three particle platforms for optimal versatility and eight particle chemistries to maximize selectivity and sensitivity, bioZen UHPLC/HPLC columns are seamlessly designed to bring peace of mind to your analysis of biologics through: Charge Variant Analysis, Aggregate Analysis, Peptide Mapping, Intact Mass, Intact and Fragment Analysis, Glycan Analysis, Peptide Quantitation, and Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR).

LC Micro/Capillary Columns

Phenomenex continues to expand our range of particle morphologies, stationary phases, and particle size available in micro and capillary LC formats. Explore our ever-increasing portfolio of microflow applicable columns.

Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE)

SLE produces more reproducible results, increased accuracy, and higher throughput possibilities than Liquid-Liquid Extraction by utilizing a solid support to mimic LLE. Phenomenex offers two types of SLE sorbent: Novum™ as a synthetic SLE option that provides consistent, reliable results lot-to-lot, and Strata® DE which is a diatomaceous earth sorbent that offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional SLE products. With very little method development, both SLE options remove unwanted matrix interferences to provide cleaner samples than LLE.

Zebron™ ZB-624PLUS™ GC Columns

Introducing Zebron ZB-624PLUS, the optimal choice for the analysis of volatile compounds for Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cannabis, and Specialty Chemicals. The superior "Plus" deactivation process enhances peak shape, improves signal-to-noise levels, and increases sensitivity for qualitative and quantitative analysis of active compounds. Upgrade your existing 624 phase to Zebron ZB-624 PLUS GC columns and get all the analytical benefits of proven inertness.

Claricep™ Flash Chromatography Columns

Introducing Claricep Irregular and Spherical columns for Flash Chromatography. Claricep offers improved performance and less undesirable silica surface activity than regular flash columns. With Claricep you can expect excellent peak shape and performance for both acidic and basic compounds, high quality and reproducibility, a wide range of selectivities, and high pressure tolerance.

Zebron™PLUS GC Liners

Though the upfront cost of self-packing your liner may seem attractive, the time and headaches caused by resulting tailing or irreproducible peaks can be sizeable. Introducing Zebron PLUS liners, which undergo the deactivation process with the quartz wool already in place, which ensures that any active sites that form during packing are not exposed. Zebron PLUS liners are remarkably inert GC inlet liners for superior sample protection, easy to install, touchless packaging allows you to protect yourself from cuts or breakage, and eliminates contamination that may occur during the installation process.

SecurityLINK HPLC/UHPLC Fingertight Fittings

SecurityLINK simplifies your system and column connections while providing consistent performance through Torque Limiting Technology that prevents damage caused by overtightening.

Lux Chiral LC Columns

Lux polysaccharide chiral columns offer improved enantiomeric selectivity for chiral compounds under Reversed Phase, Polar Organic, Normal Phase, and SFC conditions.