Clarify your Samples

Phenex syringe filters offers a convenient and inexpensive way to clarify all your samples for peace of mind and improved analytical results. Phenex syringe filters are guaranteed alternatives to popular syringe filters on the market. Phenex syringe filters offer the following advantages:
  • Maximum chemical compatibility
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Low protein absorption
  • Minimum extractables

  • Simple Selection

    Application / SampleRecommended Filter
    HPLC and GC Sample PrepPhenex-RC
    Pure Organic SolventsPhenex-PTFE
    Biological SamplesPhenex-PES
    High Particulate LoadsPhenex-GF/NY
    Environmental MethodsPhenex-GF/NY
    Food and BeveragePhenex-RC
    Clinical /ToxicologyPhenex-RC
    Dissolution TestingPhenex-RC
    Ion ChromatographyPhenex-RC
    Trace Metals (ICP-MS, AAS)Phenex-RC
    Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)Phenex-RC
    Tissue Cultures and Media, Buffers    Phenex-GF/CA

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Technical Notes Analysis of Aromatic Active Ingredients Contained in a Commercially Available Topical Sunscreen TN-1235


Analysis of complex formulations presents unique analyte and matrix challenges. In this example, 6 active ingredients in a commercially available topical sunscreen were qualitatively evaluated. The inherent challenges of this analysis were mitigated by the employment of adequate sample preparation and selection of the most relevant LC stationary phase.

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Quickly choose the accessories for your cannabis testing needs. The guide offers products for LC, GC and Sample Prep.

Brochures Cannabis Testing Guide (LC/GC/SP/SFC)


Newest Applications for Cannabis Testing: Potency, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Terpenes, Residual Solvents and More.

Other Environmental Applications Guide


Access the latest LC-MS/MS applications for environmental testing including: - Pesticides / Herbicides - Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) - PPCP's and Hormones - Marine Toxins - Environmental Contaminants

Brochures Luna Omega SUGAR Product and Application Guide


The new Luna Omega SUGAR breaks ground as it combines the performance benefits of thermally modified fully porous particles with a novel HILIC stationary phase that excels at polar compound retention and selectivity. Improved carbohydrate retention and separation with novel HILIC selectivity. Enhanced lifetime with highly robust and efficient thermally modified fully porous particle. QC tested for sugars to ensure reliable quality.

Technical Notes Mobile Phase Optimization for Aggregate Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies (TN-1226)


In this technical note, two monoclonal antibodies are analyzed using sub-2 μm SEC columns using optimized mobile phase conditions. Modulation of the salt in the mobile phase showed improvements in peak shape and recovery.

Brochures Phenex HPLC/GC Syringe Filters


Phenex syringe filters for sample clarification

Technical Notes Sugar Analysis from Animal Feed using Luna Omega SUGAR LC Columns


Evaluating the sugar content of animal feed is important for providing proper nutrition and strong animal performance. Using the Luna Omega SUGAR column, the six sugars were fully resolved with better than baseline resolution. The gradient method also resolved an interference peak near fructose on the horse feed sample.

Technical Notes Sugar Analysis from Milk using Luna Omega SUGAR LC Columns


Sugar content testing is a commonly performed analysis in food laboratories. Determining sugar content is particularly important for milk where lactose is the main sugar present. While lactose is a significant energy source in milk, individuals who are lactose-intolerant have a lactase enzyme deficiency and cannot fully digest lactose. Using the Luna Omega SUGAR column, six sugars and one sugar alcohol were separated in ten minutes. Using the Luna Omega SUGAR column, we were able to analyze sugars in a variety of cow’s milk, lactose free milk, and infant formula.

Supporting Docs Find Your Accessory Sidekick


You can never have too many accessory sidekicks to help you save your columns, defeat evil contaminated particles, and create less system maintenance downstream. Find your ideal sidekick today!

Other Find Your Lab Accessory Sidekick Poster


You can never have too many accessory sidekicks to help you save your columns, defeat evil contaminated particles, and create less system maintenance downstream. Find your ideal sidekick today!

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HPLC Column and System Protection Essentials/ Accessories

Supporting Docs Phenex Syringe Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart


An extensive overview to display which solvents are chemically compatible with different types of Phenex membranes.

Brochures UHPLC Column and System Protection Essentials/ Accessories


UHPLC Column and System Protection Essentials/ Accessories

Technical Notes Ibuprofen Tablet USP Dissolution: A Rapid HPLC Alternative to the Traditional UV Method (TN-1248)


In this tech note, we demonstrate an alternative approach for the dissolution test for Ibuprofen tablets which utilizes the chromatographic assay method for Ibuprofen tablets instead of the UV method outlined in the USP monograph for dissolution testing. With the use of an HPLC column for dissolution testing, the analysis time is less than 2 minutes. Column loading capacity has also been investigated in this study.

Technical Notes Optimized Filtration of Ginger Formulation Pills Using Phenex PTFE Syringe Filters and Kinetex 2.6 μm Biphenyl LC Column


Filtration as sample preparation technique is useful to remove large particles before injection onto a column or it can be used to help filter samples before they undergo an additional sample preparation technique, such as supported liquid extraction (SLE) or solid phase extraction (SPE). This application displays the analysis of a ginger pill with and without proper filtration, as well as the subsequent carry over that results from an unfiltered sample.

Part Number:AH0-8488

Description:Phenex™ Pipet Tips, 100-5000µL, 100 tips/bag x 5 bags, Non-Sterile, 500/Pk

Technique:General Lab Supply

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