Capcell Pak HPLC Columns

Capcell Pak HPLC Information

Capcell Pak columns, manufactured by Shiseido Co., Ltd., Japan, distributed worldwide by Phenomenex, are durable, reproducible columns designed to eliminate secondary retention effects that lead to tailing peaks. A two-step synthesis is used: 1) surface coating of the base silica gel using a reinforced silicone polymer by vapor deposition, resulting in a homogenous monolayer, and 2) bonding of alkyl groups to the coated surface to shield any acidic silanols. This process provides excellent peak shape for acidic, basic and chelating compounds.

C18 SG 120

C18 SG 120 Phase Information

Reversed phase C18 column that offers good peak shape and reproducibility for small molecules

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Part Number:CH0-3893

Description:Capcell Pak® 5 µm C18 SG 120 Å, LC Column Cartridge Column 10 x 4 mm, 2/Pk

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Stationary Phase:C18 SG

Solid Support:Polymer

Format:Cartridge Column ( Conventional )

Separation Mode:Reversed Phase

Recommended Use:Chelating compounds

USP Designation:N/A

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