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Phenomenex Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Achievement

TORRANCE, Calif., -- March 19, 2007 – Phenomenex, Inc., a global leader in the separation sciences business, announced that today marks 25 years since the company’s founding.

Headquartered in Torrance, Phenomenex is a technology pioneer in developing and manufacturing chromatography products used in the separation, analysis and purification of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and a broad spectrum of chemicals.

“Our leadership position is driven by a constant focus to innovate,” says Fasha Mahjoor, founder and chief executive officer. “Technology innovations set the benchmark and cover the entire spectrum of chromatography products.

“We lead the market in products for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), especially advanced separation devices used by the life sciences, environmental, chemical and healthcare related industries.

“Our products for sample preparation are cutting-edge, in particular the consumable products we’ve developed for solid phase extraction, sample enrichment and sample collection. And our Gas Chromatography products have been adopted extensively by the environmental, petrochemical and healthcare market sectors.”

Mahjoor is understandably proud of the distance Phenomenex has traveled in 25 years, and attributes a number of strategic factors to its success. “I believe well-placed investments in research, new product development and human capital, along with carefully nurturing a unique, service driven culture, have cast our reputation as an innovator and helped us seize the leadership role we have today,” he says.

Mahjoor considers the recognition Phenomenex has earned for its technology advancements to be an important success measure. He cites winning one of the coveted “R&D 100” Awards, the prestigious awards given annually by R&D Magazine for the 100 best new product ideas, as the most recent example.

“A few months ago we were honored to see a Phenomenex team win an ‘R&D 100 Award,’ the ‘Oscar of Invention,’ for their work in creating a novel, patented technology called AXIA™ HPLC,” says Mahjoor.
“Not only is this advanced separation device incredibly sleek and beautifully designed, but it is also an enabling technology for rapid discovery and optimization of lead compounds. It represents a quantum improvement in purification technology, transforming the speed and reliability of the purification process as well as providing significantly improved column lifetimes.”

Looking to the future, Mahjoor is excited about the challenges and opportunities as well as the potential for growth and greater success. He also wants to make sure that the values he has worked hard to instill remain embedded in the Company’s DNA.

“From the outset I envisioned a company founded on the ethic of providing an uncommon level of service to others. That’s what makes Phenomenex a different kind of company to work for and do business with,” he says.

“Building a ‘service-driven culture’ to meet the needs of our customers has been our success formula. It has fueled our growth rate, which historically has averaged 15 to 25 percent annually, well above those of our peers.

“If we stay committed to our principles, keep close to our customers and continue to read the market right, I’m convinced that the next 25 years will be even more successful and noteworthy than the past we celebrate today.”

Phenomenex develops, manufactures and distributes chromatography products for the separation, analysis and purification of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and a broad spectrum of chemicals. It serves a broad base of customers worldwide involved in the life sciences, environmental, chemical and healthcare industries. Phenomenex spans the globe with offices in Canada, the U.K., Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.

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