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Phenomenex Introduces New Zebron™ ZB-1HT Inferno™ Columns

Phenomenex’s Zebron ZB-1HT Inferno’s high temperature stability offers the flexibility of a non-metal column while providing long lifetime, low bleed, and low activity. Compared to the standard non-metal column, the ZB-1HT Inferno allows chemists to perform runs past 360 °C for long periods without becoming brittle. This allows for high temperature back outs to remove harmful contaminants that might otherwise decrease the lifetime of the column. The ZB-1HT Inferno column provides a great solution for chemists across many industries. The column can analyze a wide range of compounds, such as those found in petrochemical products, diesel fuel, environmental contaminants, and food components.

The Zebron ZB-1HT Inferno thermal stability is due to two advances in column technology: 1) a new high temperature polyimide coating that stabilizes the internal glass capillary tubing at elevated temperatures and 2) an aggressive bonding process known as Engineered Self Crosslinking™ (ESC) that creates an extremely stable polymer coating. Contact your Phenomenex technical consultant today for a FREE column evaluation.

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