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New GC Column Provides Fast, High-Resolution Forensic Drug Testing

Torrance, CA (October 13, 2008) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, introduces the Zebron™ ZB-Drug-1 column for GC analysis of drugs of abuse. The Zebron ZB-Drug-1 column is 50% faster than existing technologies and delivers improved resolution of target analytes. Zebron ZB-Drug-1 is a mid-polarity stationary phase that separates analytes from the common matrix interferences found in biological samples.

Many drugs of abuse are difficult to separate because they have similar structures. The versatile Zebron ZB-Drug-1 columns separate all common drugs of abuse, replacing the multiple tests required with other GC columns. Zebron’s unique deactivation procedure improves peak shape for acidic and basic drugs, enabling more accurate quantitation. These columns are durable with MS-certified bleed levels that increase detection limits.

“Phenomenex is the GC market leader in forensic toxicology and we are the largest column supplier to the major labs in this industry,” commented Sky Countryman, Product Manager for Phenomenex. “We are pleased to meet the market’s need for increased analysis speed with these new columns.”

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