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New Gemini®-NX Delivers High Selectivity and Loading Capacity with Stability at pH Extremes

Torrance, CA (March 3, 2008) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, introduces Gemini-NX C18, the next generation in its successful family of chromatography media for use in demanding environments. In addition to strong hydrophobic selectivity and high loading capacity, Gemini-NX delivers a significant increase in stability over the original Gemini product, for more predicable separations and longer column life. The new media features advanced TWIN-NX (Two-in-One™) technology, which grafts additional silica-organic layers on the surface of the internal base silica. The advanced NX process uses cross-linked ethane groups to reinforce the silica and extend the performance to a pH range of 1 to 12. Gemini-NX’s stability translates to a longer product life and reduces downtime required for column switching.

The extended pH range allows greater flexibility in mobile phase modifications and more control over retention and selectivity of ionizable compounds. Because the majority of pharmaceutical compounds possess ionizable functional groups, Gemini-NX has wide applications in drug discovery, method development and large-scale purification.

“Phenomenex was a pioneer in pH-LC separation technology with our original Gemini offering,” commented Jason Lam, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Our leadership tradition continues with Gemini-NX, which delivers significant performance advancements.”

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