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New Monolithic Capillary Columns Deliver High Efficiency for Biomarker Research

Torrance, CA (January 27, 2009) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, announces the addition of six new offerings in its Onyx™ monolithic HPLC column line, including a 150 X 0.05 mm ID choice for proteomics research. This column is optimized for the low flow-rate systems commonly used for LC/MS proteomics analysis and delivers high sensitivity for biomarker discovery.

Other new Onyx column sizes include a 0.2 mm C18 column for higher flow rates, a 150 X 0.2 mm trapping column, a 150 x 0.1 C8 column and two ultra-high-resolution C18 columns at 100 and 200 mm IDs.

The permeable Onyx media separates viscous biological samples that clog traditional columns. These columns contain solid rods of fused silica and eliminate packing issues associated with particulate media. Run times are as much as 50 percent faster than with traditional columns.

“Phenomenex has a large customer base in proteomics research where ultra-low flow rates present unique challenges,” said Terrell Mathews, strategic product manager for Phenomenex. “Our new capillary-scale monolith columns deliver some exciting new capabilities to this market.”

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