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Phenomenex Adds Another Unique Selectivity to Lux™ Chiral Column Line

Torrance, CA (February 17, 2009) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, introduces the Lux™ Amylose-2 chiral column, adding unique new selectivity to its HPLC solutions for the identification and resolution of enantiomers. The new column chemistry incorporates an amylose backbone with a novel 5-chloro-2-methylphenylcarbamate derivative to give chiral chromatographers an additional selectivity option for these difficult separations. The Lux Amylose-2 columns complement Phenomenex’s recently introduced Lux Cellulose-1 and -2 chiral offerings.

The demand for chiral separations in pharmaceutical research has been on the rise due to more stringent FDA mandates covering drug candidates. Enantiomers -- mirror images that cannot be superimposed on each other -- must be screened separately on their pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties. Yet chiral molecules are often difficult to separate and identify using traditional chromatography tools. The identification of chiral molecules is also important in toxicology studies, flavor and fragrance analysis and environmental applications such as pesticide analysis.

“Amylose backbones have already demonstrated broad enantioselectivity in chiral analysis,” explained Jason Lam, brand manager for Phenomenex. “The structure of Lux Amylose-2, combined with our unique halogenated derivative, resolves a wide range of enantiomers with unique chiral selectivity, giving chromatographers another tool for these difficult analyses.”

Lux columns are offered in 3 µm and 5 µm particle sizes, packed for analytical-scale use or AXIA™-packed for preparative applications.

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