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Phenomenex Publishes Chromatography Guide for Environmental Testing

Torrance, CA (February 4, 2009) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, announces the publication of a new guide for the application of chromatography in environmental testing. This 32-page guide presents a comprehensive range of solutions for the testing of environmental contaminants, along with helpful hints and tips. Phenomenex’s specialized solutions, including sample preparation, HPLC and GC offerings, meet market needs for increasingly sensitive tests.

The new guide contains detailed methods for eight important applications: total petroleum hydrocarbon (GROs and DROs); diesel fractionation; GC analysis of pesticides and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); HPLC analysis of PAHs, carbamate pesticides and explosives; and GC/MS analysis of volatile organics and semi-volatiles.

The new Chromatography Guides for Environmental Testing is available free of charge.

Phenomenex solutions for environmental analysis include s a new Strata-X SPE extraction approach for PAHs and pesticides, which reduces solvent consumption compared to liquid-liquid extraction methods. New Zebron™ GC analysis solutions for chlorinated pesticides are described, which perform the entire EPA 508/8081 analysis in under 20 minutes – a 50 percent reduction over other methods. A new Synergi® Hyrdo-RP and Luna® Phenyl-Hexyl HPLC solution for explosives provides the confirmatory analysis defined in EPA 8330B guidelines, resolving 17 out of 17 components with improved separation and decreased analysis time.

“This new chromatography guide represents the most comprehensive collection of products for environmental testing available today, and covers all analytical processes used by these labs,” explained Sky Countryman, product manager for Phenomenex. “As the demand for environmental testing grows, Phenomenex will continue to develop specialized solutions for these applications.”

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