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Phenomenex Announces Direct Sales and Service for Finland and Norway

Torrance, CA (Feb. 1, 2010) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, announced today that it has expanded its international team to serve Finland and Norway directly from its Denmark office. Phenomenex products in these two countries have been available through distributors up until now. The Phenomenex ApS office in Denmark, which opened last year, has expanded its staff to include sales and service teams dedicated to serving the research communities in Finland and Norway. In addition to direct purchasing, customers in these countries will have access to timely tech support, training and seminars.

“Phenomenex ApS will provide our growing customer base in Finland and Norway with efficient purchasing and product delivery along with local technical support and customer service,” commented Fasha Mahjoor, president of Phenomenex. “We are proud to continue the expansion of our international operations, which serve customers worldwide.”

Phenomenex serves research customers in a wide range of industries including drug discovery and development, chemical processing, biofuels analysis, food and water safety, forensics and toxicology. All Phenomenex products, including the leading Luna®, Gemini® Synergi®, Kinetex™, Strata™-X, BioSep®, Lux™ and Zebron™ brands, will be supplied exclusively from the Denmark office to customers in Finland and Norway.

Contact Information for Phenomenex ApS Phenomenex ApS
Gydevang 39-41
3450 Allerød, Denmark
Tel Finland: (09)4789 0063
Tel Norway: 81 00 20 05
Tel: +45 4824 8048
Fax: +45 4810 6265

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