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Phenomenex Inspires Local Chemistry Students

Torrance, CA (May 27, 2010) – Located nearby the corporate headquarters of Phenomenex, the Hawthorne Math and Science Academy is a charter high school that prepares students for college and the career world by setting high expectations, providing a challenging academic environment, and encouraging kids to have large ambitions. They provide a path to success for students whose environments may not otherwise prepare them adequately for a bright future. Among the student body of HMSA, fewer than half of parents have college degrees, and many don’t speak English. Despite this, 98% of students graduate, which is significantly better than the local public high school, and students must apply to at least two colleges/universities and complete 80 hours of community service to get their diplomas. You can find out more at, which features a CNN piece on the school.

The school is doing critically important work by challenging students to set high goals for themselves in life and showing them the path to achieve them, and these students are giving their all. So Phenomenex is helping to encourage them by showing them opportunities that exist by continuing their education in science. Today, a group of top chemistry students visited Phenomenex to see all of the options that would be available to them, from research to sales, and get some hands-on exposure by watching chromatography demonstrations and creating their own marketing pieces. After a tour of the labs and offices, kids had their questions about life at Phenomenex answered over lunch. It was a great day – and maybe we inspired someone today who we’ll see again in a few years accepting the award for Phenomenex Employee of the Year!

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