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Phenomenex Adds Versatile F5 (Pentafluorophenyl) Columns With Unmatched Reproducibility to Kinetex HPLC and UHPLC Core-Shell Line

Torrance, CA (January 5, 2015) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, announces Kinetex F5 – a robust pentafluorophenyl propyl (PFP) core-shell phase that overcomes reproducibility and performance limitations of existing PFP and F5 products on the market. After extensive internal and external testing found that existing PFP and F5 fully porous and core-shell products produced sporadic basic compound adsorption and analyte retention time shifting, Phenomenex, in partnership with customers, redefined the industry standard and developed this new core-shell pentafluorophenyl.

The new Kinetex F5 phase delivers improved reproducibility compared to other PFP or F5 columns on the market and can significantly reduce method development time with its dynamic and responsive chemical functionality. It is an ideal solution for HPLC/UHPLC development work with its combination of polar and non-polar interactions including hydrogen bonding, electrostatic, hydrophobic, aromatic and steric/planar mechanisms. Additional versatility of this phase gives scientists the ability to use reversed phase, 2D-LC, HILIC, SFC or even 100 percent aqueous separation modes. With its fluorinated groups and carbon ring structure, the Kinetex F5 is an excellent choice for both polar and non-polar compound separations as well as challenging methods that include halogenated, conjugated or isomeric compounds.

Kinetex F5 is available in 2.6 and 1.7 µm particle sizes and delivers all the advantages of Phenomenex’ Core-Shell Technology including better resolution, higher efficiency, easy method transferability and cost savings from reduced solvent consumption. The Kinetex 2.6 µm F5 provides performance comparable to sub-2 µm particles on both standard HPLC and UHPLC systems. The 1.7 µm column delivers 20 percent greater efficiencies than fully porous sub-2 µm products.

“Our company truly values the customers’ voice and working beyond the status quo,” explains Simon Lomas, brand manager for Phenomenex. “These new Kinetex F5 columns are the result of years of research, development and customer input. With better, more accurate and higher performance products like the Kinetex core-shell F5, scientists can continue to push the current limits of separation science.

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