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Chirex 3014 3014 (S)-valine<br /> and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine Phase<br class="t-last-br" />
Chirex 3014 3014 (S)-valine and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine phase is recommended for the chiral LC separation of underivatized alcohols, esters, and amides

Chirex 3014 3014 (S)-valine
and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine Phase

Chirex 3014 (S)-valine and (R)-1-(alpha-naphthyl)ethylamine chiral phase has a urea linkage, electron acceptor designed for the separation of:

  • π-acceptor derivatives of amines, carboxylic acids and amino acids
  • the esters and amides of these acids andunderivatized alcohols

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